Alpine Chapter Symposium

The 5th Alpine Chapter Symposium takes place 25th October 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland, within the context of the SFCNS Congress. Further information can be found here.

Organization for Human Brain Mapping Alpine Chapter

Chair: Christoph Stippich (Zurich)

Chair Elect: Anja Ischebeck (Graz)

Chair Past: Roland Beisteiner (Vienna)

Secretary: Christian Enzinger (Graz)

Secretary Elect: Maria Blatow (Zurich)

Secretary Past: Patrik Vuilleumier (Geneva)

Treasurer: Roland Wiest (Bern)

Treasurer Elect: Elke R. Gizewski (Innsbruck)

Treasurer Past: Stefan Golaszewski, Martin Kronbichler (Salzburg)

Short description of the OHBM Alpine Chapter


Membership OHBM Alpine Chapter

  • If you meet the OHBM membership criteria ( and work in the Alpine area (focus Switzerland and Austria) you are invited to become a member of the OHBM Alpine Chapter. The focus of the Alpine Chapter is on translational medical research and clinical applicatiom. An additional OHBM membership ( is recommended.
  • Fee Reductions for members: All ÖGfMRT/Chapter events are reduced by 25% for ÖGfMRT/Chapter members, in case of a double membership (ÖGfMRT/Chapter + OHBM membership) the reduction is 50%.
  • Membership fee is 30,00 € per year.
  • For a membership application, please send your contact address and a debit authorization to